Greg Cordover

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Hi there! I have a lot of interests such as programming, automation, data visualization, electronics, and 3D printing.

Currently, my favorite programming language is Rust. I also frequently use Python and Go depending on the nature of the project. I greatly enjoy the level of automation in my personal programming projects which goes all the way from testing to deployment using software like Drone and Docker. I’d love to get Kubernetes in my stack somewhere but I don’t have enough servers, projects, or load to give it a real try.

My most successful project is MCApi, a Minecraft server status API. It gets about 400 million requests a month. It’s a relatively simple piece of software written in Rust.

This blog has a lot of code I’ve written to make it more interactive and fun. For example, my post on acetone smoothing 3D printed parts has a custom STL viewer to show the model I printed. A post about image hashing has an interactive section to upload your own images and compare their hashes written in Rust using Yew and compiled to the browser with WebAssembly.

Some of my notable achievements include placing 2nd in the college division of GlobalHack out of more than 1,000 participants total. The year prior I placed top high school team in addition to 3rd place overall out of about 250 participants. I also placed 2nd overall in MasterCard’s Masters of Code hackathon in St. Louis.

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